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Icelandic Fish Oil
Icelandic Fish Oil

  • Take Fewer Softgels -- 620 mg of healthful omega-3, including 512 mg of EPA and DHA (the highly benifiical long chain forms of omega-3) concentrated in every capsule. Two softgels provide the daily dose of EPA+DHA recommended by the American Heart Association. (more ...)
  • NOT from Fish Farms -- Fish raised in tanks and pens are fed (or injected with) antibiotics and other drugs to control disease and maximize growth. It's called aquaculture, or fish farming. To our surprise FDA labeling regulations do not require fish oil producers to reveal the source of their fish. We have nothing to hide. Bioactiv Ultra Pure Icelandic Fish Oil is made exclusively from wild-caught small species in deep cold North Atlantic ocean waters. (more ...)
  • Rigorously Tested -- Evaluated for heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, arsenic), PCBs, pesticides, toxic organic solvent residues or impurities. All levels are below international safety thresholds, reported to you on a Laboratory Certificate of Analysis enclosed in every package.
  • Pharma Certified -- Produced under the stringent European Pharmacopeia standards applied to prescription medications, and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations of the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure safety, purity, and effectiveness. Molecularly distilled AND further purified by proprietary 5-step process.  (more ...)
  • Pleasnt and Delicious -- Tastes so fresh and clean you could bite down on the softgel or let it melt in your mouth. Try that with another fish oil, and yuck!
Health Benefits
Proven In Research Studies
 Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory
 Decreases Risk for Heart Attack and Stroke
 Promotes Normal Blood Pressure
 Reduces Triglyceride Levels
 Improves Mood and Brain Functions
 Relieves Dry Eye

Total Satisfaction
Money-Back Guarantee
"...point of taking fish oil is to get the right amount of EPA and DHA. That's why we take Bioactiv Ultra Pure Icelandic Fish Oil ..."
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